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To become a 3M certified installer in the Greater Toronto Area you may need to follow these steps:


  1. Research Requirements: visit the official 3M website or contact 3M directly to learn about the specific requirements and qualifications needed to become a certified installer such as 3M’s Endorsed Architectural Installer or 3M’s Preferred Graphics Installer. Each certification program may have its own set of prerequisites such as prior experience, specific skill sets, or preliminary training.
  2. Training Programs: enroll in a training program offered by 3M or an authorized training provider. These programs are designed to teach you the necessary skills and techniques for installing 3M products correctly and efficiently, provide hands-on training necessary for mastering installation techniques.
  3. Attend Workshops or Seminars: participate in workshops, seminars, or hands-on training sessions conducted by 3M or its partners. These events offer valuable opportunities to learn from experienced professionals and gain practical experience. Look into the details of the courses, including duration, cost, curriculum, and the types of materials and tools you will be working with.
  4. Gain Experience: once you’ve identified a suitable training program, register for the course. Ensure it covers both theoretical knowledge and practical skills so you will practice your installation skills under the guidance of experienced professionals or mentors. Choose a course that fits your schedule and is in a convenient Ontario’s location.
  5. Hands-on Practice: is crucial for mastering the techniques required for certification. Obtain practice materials such as vinyl wraps, window films, or other relevant 3M products to practice with and gain experience by working on actual projects, either through your business, like we did, or by volunteering to do installations for friends, local businesses or for us :-).
  6. Training and Prep for Certification Exam: attend the training sessions, actively participate, and seek feedback from instructors and, for the future successful professional life, network with other installers and instructors to share tips and experiences. Utilize study guides and materials provided during the training, try to to familiarize yourself with the format and types of exam questions before the actual certification.
  7. Pass Certification Exam: Once you feel confident in your abilities, you may need to pass a certification exam administered by 3M or its designated testing center. Make sure you understand the exam format, the types of installations you will be tested on, and any specific tools or materials you need to bring to for assessing your knowledge and proficiency in installing 3M products according to industry standards.
  8. Maintain Certification: After becoming certified, you may need to fulfill ongoing requirements to maintain your certification status. This could involve completing refresher courses, attending continuing education events, or renewing your certification periodically. Stay informed about new 3M products and installation techniques by attending workshops, webinars, and industry events or, at least, read our articles for the industry news.
  9. Stay Updated: Keep yourself informed about new products, techniques, and industry best practices related to your certification. Staying updated ensures that you maintain the highest standards of quality and professionalism in your installations. Try to participate in online forums and social media groups for 3M installers to share knowledge and learn from others and invest in high-quality tools and materials recommended by 3M to ensure top-notch installations – that will eventually paid-off.

Remember to check the specific requirements and processes for the particular 3M certification you are interested in pursuing, as they may vary depending on the product such as vinyl graphics or wraps or service area such as the Greater Toronto Area or nationwide. You may always check 3M’s official website for up-to-date information on training programs and certification processes or authorized 3M training centers such as 3M’s Graphics Installation Training Program, The Wrap Institute, and others.

Please contact us here if you have any specific questions.