We are growing rapidly and have decided to share our 20 years of installations experience in vinyl applications with fellow installers in the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada and the USA. Our goal is to empower vinyl graphics installers to perform their jobs more effectively, safely, and creatively, benefiting both the installers and their customers.

Our educational materials aim to:

  • Enhance your technical skills, ensuring you can handle complex installations, work with different types of vinyl, and achieve professional results.
  • Support your professional growth, boosting your career prospects and job satisfaction.
  • Teach advanced installation techniques to help you work more efficiently, saving time and reducing material waste.
  • Showcase industry best practices to ensure high-quality installations that meet customer expectations.
  • Educate you on the safe use of tools and materials, preventing potential accidents and injuries by demonstrating the proper handling of adhesives, cutting tools, and heat guns.
  • Keep you updated on industry innovations, new tools, and vinyl materials, ensuring you stay informed about the latest trends, technologies, and products.
  • Ultimately, enable you to provide better service by offering informed recommendations and confidently answering customer questions.