Professional vinyl installation tools are must to have to ensure a professional finish and durability for vinyl graphics installations, whether you’re working on walls, murals, vehicles, windows, or any other surface requiring vinyl application.  There are some of our recommendations:

Squeegees for applying vinyl graphicsSqueegees:

Purpose: Used to apply pressure and smooth out vinyl to eliminate bubbles and wrinkles. Each type of squeegee (there are many of them) has its specific uses we, as professional vinyl installers, have a variety of these tools on hand to handle different types of vinyl and surfaces effectively.

Types: Different types include felt squeegees for delicate surfaces and hard squeegees for more robust applications. Main types of squeegees used in vinyl graphics installation by us:

  • Hard Squeegees: typically made from hard plastic or nylon; used for general vinyl application, especially on flat surfaces; rigid and durable, providing firm pressure to ensure proper adhesion.
  • Soft Squeegees: made from softer plastics or rubber; ideal for applying vinyl to curved surfaces or where a gentler touch is needed; more flexible than hard squeegees, reducing the risk of scratching delicate vinyl.
  • Felt-Edge Squeegees: usually a hard squeegee with a felt edge; prevents scratching or damaging the vinyl surface during application;combines the rigidity of a hard squeegee with the softness of felt for a smooth application.
  • Teflon Squeegees: coated with Teflon; provides a smooth, non-stick surface to reduce friction and static; excellent for applying large vinyl graphics and minimizing drag.
  • Winged Squeegees: features extended “wings” or handles; allows for better grip and control, especially useful for larger applications; ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue.
  • Microfiber Squeegees: features a microfiber edge; for extremely delicate surfaces and high-gloss finishes; provides ultra-gentle application without leaving marks or scratches.
  • Magnetic Squeegees: incorporates magnets within the squeegee; helps to hold and align the vinyl on metal surfaces; allows for hands-free positioning, making large applications easier.
  • Contour Squeegees: features various shapes and contours; specifically designed to apply vinyl to complex curves and tight areas; comes in various shapes to fit different types of contours and edges.
  • Roller Squeegees: equipped with a rolling mechanism; for smooth, even pressure application over large areas; ideal for applying vinyl wraps on flat and slightly curved surfaces.
  • Angle Cut Squeegees: features angled edges; allows for better reach and precision in corners and edges; helps to apply vinyl in tight and awkward spaces.

Popular Brands: 3M, Avery Dennison, and Orafol.

Wagner heat gun for vinyl installationsHeat Gun:

Purpose: Used to heat the vinyl, making it more pliable and helping it conform to curves and edges. When we are selecting a heat gun for vinyl graphics installation, we consider factors such as temperature range, control precision, ergonomics, and specific features that match installation project workflow. We mostly prefer models with variable temperature control and digital displays for precise and consistent results.


  • Basic Heat Guns: simple, no-frills design with basic temperature control; suitable for general vinyl applications where precise control is not critical; basic models from brands like Wagner and Black & Decker.
  • Dual Temperature Heat Guns: two preset temperature settings (usually high and low); offers some flexibility for different types of vinyl and applications; entry-level dual-temperature heat guns from brands like DEWALT and Milwaukee.
  • Variable Temperature Heat Guns: adjustable temperature control, often with a dial or digital display; allows for precise temperature adjustments to suit different vinyl types and installation conditions; models from brands like Steinel and Bosch.
  • Digital Heat Guns: digital temperature control and readout, often with additional features like memory settings; provides precise control and repeatability, we are using them in our installations; advanced models from brands like Makita and Master Appliance.
  • Industrial Heat Guns: high power output and durable construction, designed for heavy-duty use; suitable for large-scale or continuous applications where reliability and performance are critical heavy-duty models from brands like Leister and Steinel.
  • Cordless Heat Guns: battery-operated for portability and convenience; ideal for on-site applications where access to power outlets is limited; models from brands like Ryobi and Milwaukee.
  • Infrared Heat Guns: uses infrared technology to provide even, consistent heat; reduces the risk of overheating or damaging the vinyl, suitable for delicate applications; models like the SEEKONE Infrared Heat Gun.
  • Compact Heat Guns: smaller, lightweight design for easy handling and maneuverability; ideal for detailed work and tight spaces; mini heat guns from brands like Wagner and Genesis.

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In the following posts we will provide detailed info for other type of professional vinyl graphics installation tool that we are using for our projects installations in the Great Toronto Area and surrounding cities:


  • Utility Knife
  • Application Fluid
  • Tape Measure and Ruler
  • Surface Cleaner
  • Magnet Holders
  • Vinyl Cutting Machine
  • Edge Sealer Pen
  • Wrap Gloves