New wrap material from Hesis vinyl manufacturerIn previous posts we introduced to our potential customers new materials from the major vinyl graphics producers. Hexis, the manufacturer of sign vinyl, digital printing, and laminate films, is definitely needs your attention too as a prominent manufacturer that has made several recent updates to their product offerings and business operations. In 2024, they have expanded their product line to include a variety of high-performance self-adhesive films, catering to different needs such as digital printing, vehicle wrapping, and textile marking. Notable new products include the Satin Deep Black vinyl wrap from the Hexis Skintac HX20000 Series, which features excellent conformability and a pressure-activated adhesive for easy installation​.

Here are some of the latest updates from Hexis:

  • Wrap Techniques: Hexis released a video demonstrating the perfect wrap technique for commercial vehicles, highlighting the comprehensive approach to applying self-adhesive film.
  • Wrapping Basics: A new instructive video was shared by Hexis, emphasizing the importance of temperature in car wrapping and detailing three key temperatures essential for the process.
  • BODYFENCE Brand: Hexis is proud of its significant contribution to the automotive sector, particularly with its BODYFENCE brand, which represents a passion for performance and elegance.
  • Recycling Scheme: Hexis launched a Europe-wide recycling scheme at Fespa 2024, expanding its trial program from France to core European nations, allowing recycling of various materials like kraft liner, PET liner, PE liner, and PVC films.
  • New Products: The company is set to release a PVC-free decorative PU film for 2D applications called Leaf in the coming months.
  • New Tools and Colors: Hexis has introduced new tools and color options for vehicle wrappers, catering to the demand for novelty and differentiation in the market.
  • Protective Film Market: Hexis sees strong potential in the protective film business and is focusing on expanding its market share in this area. They already have supplier agreements with major transport firms.

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